Proud engineering since 1968.

Welcome to ELU. Sweden’s leading designer in civil engineering, structural engineering and geotechnics. We promise to be a collaborative partner with 100 per cent reliability and to supply solutions at the cutting edge of technology

We’re looking for more people

At ELU there’s always room for employees with the right qualifications. Check our career page for all our vacant positions available.

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Environmental policy

ELU will work to achieve continious environmental improvements in its assignments by seeking design solutions and product choices that reduce the environmental impact of a design.

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Engineers with a proud history

In 2018 ELU celebrated 50 years. We have a proud history, with ELU’s roots dating back to 1968 and three bold civil engineers.

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Mastodon project in progress

The design of the construction documents for the Slussen project is ongoing.

ELU, Helenius, Rejlers, Tikab, Tyréns, Structor and White are involved in designing the construction documents for the land and water zones

A model for success

The delivery platform is a concept created by ELU together with Tikab.

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The scalable, software-independent platform enables a structured working method, with the model at the centre.